The Mummy-toto Lactation Suite

The Mummy-toto Lactation Suite

    A private and Clean space for Breastfeeding and expressing Moms on the go.


The Mummy-toto Lactation suite is a self-contained portable breastfeeding station that is quick to assemble and can be placed conveniently at the client’s location. The  Suite comes with all the amenities a mother would need to breastfeed, express milk or nurse a child.

The Mummy-toto Lactation Suite follows the Guidelines for Securing a workplace Breastfeeding Station  and has all the law requirements of a portable breastfeeding station as per The Health Act 2017 by the Ministry of Health Kenya.

It is the perfect place where a nursing mother can breastfeed her child or express her milk in privacy while at work or away from home.

The Mummy-toto Lactation Suite
Breastfeeding station Kenya


















Specifications of the Mummy-toto Lactation Pod

The Mummy-toto Lactation suite, has a Breast-shape; a shape used to celebrate and support public Breastfeeding.

The are three different models of The Mummy-toto Lactation Suite

1. Standard Model Lactation pod

• Interior surfaces made with food-service-grade materials for fast and easy cleaning.
• Raised stainless steel bottoms to protect the unit from water damage, pests and vermin.
• Dual electrical sockets as per Kenyan Government regulations on electrical installations

The Mummy-toto pod
The Mummy-toto Interior features
  • Interior lighting for night time use
  • Open grid ceiling for natural air ventilation, circulation
  • Glass Ceiling vent for natural lighting.
  • Mirror
  • Upholstered, cushioned dual seating area
  • “Occupied/vacant” deadbolt.
  • Table as per legal requirements.
  • Half-height storage shelves.
  • Tack board to post literature and helpful resources.
  • Footrest.
  • Product holders


2. Refrigerator Model Lactation pod

  • In addition to all of the features of Standard Model breastfeeding Pod, the refrigerator model also comes with a compact refrigerator 2.6 cu.ft to store expressed milk.
  • It has Lockable cabinet.
  • This model has one seating area.

3. Premium model Lactation pod

Premium features can be added to both standard and refrigerator pod models.

The Premium Mummy-toto Lacatation Pod
The premium features of the Refrigerator model of Mummy-toto Lactation Suite

The customer can choose any or all of the features to be added to the Lactation pod for purpose of extra comfort.

• Sink
• Background music
• Air conditioner

• High-quality breast pump• Cleaning service
• Breastfeeding and parenting educational materials
• A stock of essentials: wipes, hand wash, disinfectant









Location for the Lactation Pod
The Mummy-toto lacatation suite is designed for indoor use.  The advantage of this lactation pod is that it need small space to place it.  Therefore, it can be placed in the corridors, next to the lifts or in a corner of an office or hall.  However, the location should not be inside a restroom to comply with Kenya’s Health Act and the upcoming Breastfeeding Mothers’ Act 2017.

The Unit Must not be used for diaper changing since it is not a restroom. The unit also needs to be near a water point to comply with legal requirements.

Benefits of acquiring a Mummy-toto Lactation pod compared to setting a breastfeeding room

  • It is portable and can be placed anywhere in workplaces, in retail areas,
    learning institutions, offices, banking halls and other public areas.
  • It is space saving and requires a small area of 3 M X 2M. The pod can even be
    placed at the corridor, next to the lifts, near kitchen, or behind the door where
    some space is left.
  • It is the quickest way to have a breastfeeding station. It does not require,
    designing, plumbing, electrical work or any other work required to make a room to be a breastfeeding area.
  • No extra room is needed for the pod. The Lactation pod is best if you do not have an extra room to use for breastfeeding room.
  • It comes with all the necessary items required for breastfeeding and pumping. You do not need to furnish the lactation pod as it is supposed with the breastfeeding room
  • It is cost effective and affordable compared to making breastfeeding room,which would cost a lot in division, plumbing, electrifications and other architectural costs
  • It can be branded to match the interior decoration of your place, or even to have the images you would like
  • to have.
Lactation suite Kenya for workplaces
Portable breastfeeding station as per Health Act 2017 Guidelines