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  • That 13% of deaths in children would be preventable if all children were exclusively breastfed for six months.
  • That breastfeeding has cognitive and health benefits for both infants and their mothers. The breastfeed infants have high IQ, have increased immunity, have less risk of SIDs, Diabetes, ADHD and Leukaemia. Mothers who breastfeed have a reduced risk of ovarian and breast cancer, which are two leading causes of death among women.
  • Breastfeeding is one of the most effective — and cost-effective — investment Kenya can make in the health of their youngest members and the future health of its economy and society.
  • That for a breastfeeding mother to have a continuous flow of milk, she should breastfeed or express her breast milk in every 2-3 hours.
  • Of the new moms that begin breastfeeding annually, only 61% make it to the recommended exclusive breastfeeding milestone of six months. The target now in Kenya is to have 90% of nursing mother make to the 6 months exclusive breastfeeding.
  • According to UNICEF executive director Antony Lake, exclusive breastfeeding would save the world about US$300 billion (Sh30trillion) annually.
Preventable Deaths in Children
Annual Savings on Exclusive Breastfeeding

Challenges the breastfeeding mothers are facing.

More than 90% of the mothers who start breastfeeding after birth, only 60% make it to 6 months exclusive breastfeeding. Most of the mothers that return to work after the 3 months maternity leave are unable to feed their babies with their breastmilk because they lack conducive places whereby they can express their milk. Even with the current Health Act 2017, more than 95% of working nursing mothers are yet to get the support of their employer to provide breastfeeding stations at work.

The Breastfeeding stations at workplaces could in future be implemented in only the formal employment because breastfeeding Bill requires the employers with more than thirty women employees to set the breastfeeding stations and that would benefit about 20% of working mothers. However, the working mothers in the informal sector in Kenya which represent 83.4 % of the employment as per Kenya National Bureau of Statistics of 2017, might not get the support to breastfeed after the maternity leave. Therefore, the target of the Kenyan government to have more than 90% of mother successfully do 6 months exclusive breastfeeding might not be realized

Breastfeeding at Birth 90%
Breastfeeding at 3 Months 75%
Breastfeeding at 6 months 60%
  • Mothers in Informal Sector
  • Mothers in Formal Sector


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Towards a mother-friendly workplace
The promotion of breastfeeding must not be seen as an excuse to exclude women from the labour force. The burden should no longer fall on women to choose between breastfeeding and work. The burden is on society to facilitate breastfeeding and indeed child care”.James Grant, the late Executive Director of UNICEF.
We have various solutions for any type of organization or entity to create a breastfeeding friendly workplace for the nursing mothers and customers.
For large companies and employers with a large number of female employees require Multiple lactation room, which can accomodate several mother at same time. The employers with small number of employees would need a small breastfeeding room or the portable Mummy-toto lactation pod.
Here is a summary of our offer for Breastfeeding stations at workplace.

1. Basic Lactation Room
The Basic Lactation room has all the requirements of the Health Act 2017.
In the setting up of Basic Lactation room we offer the following service;
•Site Visit & Needs Analysis.
•Site Plan and designing
•Site Development that includes plumbing and electrical work to install a sink/basin, install/increase electrical outlets and improve lighting.
•Furnishing the room with the minimum need furniture and facilities as according to law

2. Workplace Multiple Lactation Station
Multiple lactation station is a one big breastfeeding room and has been sectioned to offer more than two lactation places that can be used by several mothers at the same time. This kind of setting is best for company with large number of breastfeeding mothers.
3. Includes everything offered under the basic option above but provides additional facilities and equipment, namely:
• One high-quality electric breast pump
• Double pumping kits
• Special breastfeeding chairs
• Decorative curtain partitions
• Baby cots
• Baby playpens
Option of a trained nanny.
Other optional extras such as a coffee machine, water heater, room heater and microwave are also available

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