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The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya is the only tertiary institution in Kenya offering education and placement of Professional Nannies. The center was formed to fill the gap of the growing need of professionally qualified nannies by the young working parents.The Mother Goose Nanny school

Many working parents, mostly mothers are drawn in a dilemma of either to stay at home and take care of their children or go to work and leave their children with a care-giver who in most cases is a house-help. The biggest percentage chooses to work as their children are under the care of the house-helps. However, the choice of a house-help is not the best, because some people employed as child care-givers turn out to be unqualified in child-care, irresponsible, arrogant or more even child abusers and criminals.
Another problem that parents face when in need of a nanny, is finding one who will suits their requirements. Parents go through a lot of searching and interviews which in most cases they do not end up with the right candidate. Other times, the nannies resigns shortly before the probation ends and the parents are sent back on the drawing board.

For these reasons, The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya offers innovative programs to students that enable them to graduate either as professional nanny or professional house manager. The course program is divided into three segments, Theory, Practical with children in one of The Mother Goose Babycare Kenya centers and Attachment in a family. The segmentation is necessary and ensures that the student is well prepared and qualified to take care of child at private homes with professional standards. at the same time the parents are able to gauge the student during the Attachment period, and know if he or she fits their personality standard and can continue working for them.

If the family and the students are matching and like each other, then the student will continue working for the family after course ends, but later as a fully qualified nanny or house-manager. In that case, the family burden of finding a nanny or house-help is taken off and the family can enjoy the services of a professional.

Therefore, it is our work as The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya to offer educational Programs to students who want to become professional nannies and house-helps and to place them with families of their choice at the same time give families best nannies who match their need.

For the future Mother Goose Kenya Nannies

If you love children and you are seeking for a professionally rewarding, lucrative and fun-filled career, then you will have your dream fulfilled with us. We advise you to take that “Great Next Step” and get an admission at The Mother Goose Nanny School Kenya.

To our families

If you wish to hire a Mother Goose Nanny, then rest assured that you will get the best that a professional child care-giver can to offer. Our dedicated, responsible, social and qualified staff will personally and professionally take you through the attachment and placement process and ensure that your every need is met. No matter what are your specifications are when you want a child care-giver, you will always find “Peace of Mind” by hiring a Mother Goose Kenya Nanny.

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